DOST ENERJI, follows the criteria of GOLD STANDARD for the generation of voluntary carbon credit certificates.

Gold Standard is a Switzerland based, non-profit establishment supported by 60 different NGOs. They offer a guideline in order to achieve high quality emission reduction projects in voluntary markets with a perspective of climate change and sustainability. Projects must have clear contributions to sustainable development in such areas as local and global environment, social and technological enhancements. Sustainability matrix is being used for measuring contributions of the projects. The projects that comply the criteria, get awarded with VERs (Voluntary Emission Reduction) credits which are calculated with project specific coefficients.

Dost Enerji’s wind power plants have the capability of CO2 emissions reduction, corresponding to following amounts per year:

  • Yuntdağ WPP:              100.000 tons
  • Kores Kocadağ WPP:    50.000 tons
  • Geres WPP:                     70.000 tons
  • Bergres WPP:               140.000 tons